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2 mg/ml Injection


A 2.2 Central nervous system depressants. Sedatives, hypnotics.


HYPNOMIDATE is a short-acting intravenous anaesthetic agent unrelated to existing intravenous induction agents. It has no analgesic properties and therefore appropriate analgesic agents should be used concomitantly. In adults 0,3 mg/kg body weight (about 1 ampoule of 10 mL HYPNOMIDATE) induces hypnosis within 10 seconds, which lasts about five minutes (or generally longer in patients premedicated with sedatives). Hypnosis can be prolonged by additional injections of HYPNOMIDATE. Etomidate is rapidly hydrolysed, predominantly in the liver.


Etomidate is predominantly metabolised in the liver. After 24 hours, 78% of the administered dose of etomidate has been eliminated through the urine. The plasma protein binding amounts to 76,5%. The volume of distribution is about 4,5 L/kg. The minimal plasma concentration introducing a hypnotic effect is about 0,3 micrograms/mL.


HYPNOMIDATEis indicated for the induction of anaesthesia. It may be used as an anaesthetic for short painless procedures such as cardioversion, uterine curettage etc. Because HYPNOMIDATEhas no analgesic effect it is not suitable as a mono-anaesthetic.