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 TRACRIUM for Injection

What Tracrium is used


Tracrium will be given to you or your child during surgery. It is used

together with anaesthetic medicines to relax the body's muscles.

Tracrium belongs to a group of medicines called "neuromuscular

blockers". Tracrium works by blocking the effects of one of the body's chemical messengers called acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is involved in muscle


Your doctor may have prescribed

Tracrium for another reason

How Tracrium is given

Tracrium can be given into a vein in

two ways:

* as an injection, or

* as a slow infusion.

Tracrium will be administered by an

anaesthetist or other doctor with

special training. You will never be

expected to give yourself this

medication. The dosage will vary

according to many factors such as

your body weight and the type of

operation you have.